Monday, August 31, 2009

Mary, our Model

"Since Mary is the prototype of pure womanhood, the imitation of Mary must be the goal of girls' education. Since the dispensing of graces is entrusted to the hands of the Queen of Heaven, we will find our way to the goal not only by keeping our eyes raised to her but by maintaining a personal trusting association with her. But the imitation of Mary is not fundamentally different from the imitation of Christ because Mary is the first Christian to follow Christ, and she is the first and most perfect model of Christ. Indeed, that is why the imitation of Mary is not only relevant to women but to all Christians. But she has a special significance for women, one in accord with their nature, for she leads them to the feminine form of the Christian image."
(Essays on Woman ICS Collected Works of Edith Stein p. 201)

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  1. You have been posting such wonderful quotes from St. Teresa Benedicta... I have been lifted up by her perfect insights into the soul of women.
    Thank you, Rebecca...