Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Month of Mary

St. Therese in her Last Conversations pointed out that the Blessed Mother is someone to imitate. “She is spoken of as unapproachable, whereas she should be represented as imitable.” Of course, the Virgin has been graced with special privileges: Mother of God, perpetual virginity, conceived without sin; but she is a model for us to try to be like. That is, imitable in the concrete picture of her earthy life: to imitate her virtues.

May is the month of Mary. During this month while meditating on her virtues, she will show us the secret of her interior life. She is our model in this respect, the model and norm of our own interior life.


  1. I like the nice picture above. It is beautiful flower. Does it represent the month of mary?

  2. I wanted to post pictures of flowers with posts about Mary whenever possible because flowers would symbolize virtues as opposed to weeds which would symbolize vices. Mary is the model of virtue for us.