Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mother's Day Roses and Silence

last year for mother’s day you gave me a bouquet of roses.
beautiful, red roses.
did I know then what I know now?
what you were saying to me with those petals.
I said you were just a bud
you were saying that you were a flower.
a red, ripe flower opening up and blossoming
to become a beautiful young woman.
and so you were.
just beginning to become a lady
young, fresh, fragrant - full of life, 
of love.
this year you will give me silence.
my heart torn open and bleeding
- red like roses.
like a blade of grass you rose up and then
evening came and all withered.
withered are the hopes and dreams
of children and family 
and a spouse.
I did not get to share these with you.
all turned upside-down, churned into chaos.
lost and broken
without any good-byes, I am sorry
forgive me, don’t cry.
I love you, don’t worry- are all unspoken
and how? and why?

I love you, too!
This is probably the most personal post I will ever publish on this blog.

As we approach Mothers Day, please remember and pray for all mothers who have lost a child. 


  1. My heart breaks just reading this...I am sorry...

  2. Will certainly pray.

  3. Yes, I will pray, Rebecca. This poem made me cry and I could read the grief and pain written here. May Jesus and Mother Mary be with you in a special way.