Monday, June 6, 2011

The Gifts of the Holy Spirit and St. John of the Cross

To overcome obstacles to our salvation, the Gift of Fortitude gives courage and strengthens the heart to bear all things, especially to bear the Cross. This gift gives the soul strength and support in performing all its duties moving it to undertake even difficult things without hesitation. This gift is the gift of martyrdom which allows the endurance of tribulations without complaining, even if these last a lifetime. Trouble and adversity never overcome the soul who possess this Gift of the Holy Spirit.
#95~ The Sayings of Light and Love

“Bear fortitude in your heart against all things that move you to that which is not God, and be a friend of the Passion of Christ.”
St. John of the Cross eloquently touches on this point again in The Spiritual Canticle:

            You considered 
            that one hair fluttering at my neck;

“The neck, where the hair of love was fluttering, signifies fortitude. This hair of love weaves the virtues together, that is to say, loves with fortitude. In order to preserve the virtues it is not enough that love be alone; it must also be strong so that no contrary vice on any side of the garland of virtue may be able to break it.” (Stanza 31,4)

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