Friday, July 10, 2009

Interior vs. Hidden

Mary is the model of the interior life and the protectress of the Carmelite Order. She is our model of contemplative prayer and of the one who "hears the Word of God and keeps it" (Lk 11:28).

In the sacred scriptures Mary's hidden and interior life is laid out before us. She lived a quiet, hidden life in Nazareth with St. Joseph and her son, Jesus. There she lived an ordinary life out of public view and notice. Daily she carried out the duties of family life. She was close to God living a life of interior offerings.

There is a difference though in living an authentic hidden, interior life and one that is just hidden. A hidden life can be lived exteriorly. God can be far from someone who lives a hidden life. Some think they are living a hidden life when in actuality they are living in isolation from God and others.

Someone who lives an interior life stays close to God interiorly. They live in Him and are reverently inclined toward Him. They love Him no matter what trials may fall on them whether they be bodily, spiritual, from within or from without, inflicted by others or by the evil one.

Souls living an interior life are souls at prayer always making interior offerings of love to God and for love of Him. They pray for souls and for the needs of others, making these offerings purely out of love for Him.

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  1. Thank You for this post, by the grace of God I too try to live this way and your blog is helping me understand this better. May God bless you!