Friday, July 3, 2009

Recollecting the Mind

St. Teresa of Jesus, explains in The Way of Perfection, her own way of recollecting the mind in order to center the soul on the Lord. She proposes that a companion be found and what better companion than the master Himself. "Represent the Lord himself as close to you and behold how lovingly and humbly he is teaching you." (Way of Perfection 26:1) Get accustomed to having Him at your side, she says, letting Him see that you are striving to please Him. You will be unable to get away from him; he will never fail you; he will help you in all your trials; you will find him everywhere. Do you think it's some small matter to have a friend like this at your side?

All she is proposing is that we just look at Him. No need to make long drawn out meditations or reasonings with the intellect; just look at Him since He never stops looking at us.

The practice of recollection is a habit. A habit is acquired through repetition. Begin today the practice of having Christ present at your side.

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  1. Thank you for this reminder! Thanks also for the book recommendation. I'll put it on my list.