Saturday, October 31, 2009

Secular Carmelite Community of Madrid

The Secular Carmelite Community of Madrid has set up a blog : "Reading Together the Book of Life of St. Teresa of Jesus".

The site is in Spanish, but with Google can be translated into English. The purpose of the site is to invite participation in a shared reading project through the Internet about St. Teresa and her Book of Life. The community will be conducting this project through the year 2009-2010 as one of the preparations for the upcoming fifth centenary of St. Teresa's birth (1515-2015). This week the project is reading the prologue and chapter one. All are welcomed to leave comments as participants read through her autobiography during the year.


  1. Actually, the Discaled Carmelite Generalate has invited the entire carmelite family to participate in a 5 yr study of the works of Holy Mother St Teresa. The first year, we're studying the book of her life. Check out the PDF document "I was born for You" in the Generalate's website. It's the one we're using as a study guideline.
    Many blessings!

  2. Thank you for your post. I had been on the Generalate's website and read the document. This is exciting and I am looking forward to the study.

  3. I am from OCDS Community of Madrid, and I thanks you very much for your post, and I congratulation you for this blog!!!We will very happy to share with all of you this reading of the "Book of her life" of Saint Teresa.You could post your comments and reflections in English too.THANKS you all!!!

  4. Rebecca, I just posted the link to "I was born for You" in my blog to make it easier for readers to get the document. Had it not been for your post, I don't think it may have occurred to me to even mention the project. Shame on me. Thank you for your diligence and love for Carmel!

    Catalina, gracias por el esfuerzo de la comunidad de Madrid durante el proyecto de nuestra santa madre Teresa. Un saludo!

  5. Thanks for setting up this blog. I have been trying to post my thoughts in the OCDS Madrid blog, but was not successful. Good that there is an English blog.

    Agatha OCDS, Malaysia

  6. Hi Agatha,
    Is this the OCDS Madrid website? I understand there should be an automatic English translation.