Friday, October 23, 2009

St.Teresa on Self-denial

"Now, then, the first thing we must strive for is to rid ourselves of our love for our bodies, for some of us are by nature such lovers of comfort that there is no small amount of work in this area."

"It seems to me an imperfection, my Sisters, to be always complaining about light illnesses. If you can tolerate them, don't complain about them."

"Remember how many sick people there are who are poor and have no one to complain to... Learn how to suffer a little for love of God without having everyone know about it."

"A fault this body has is that the more comfort we try to give it the more needs it discovers. It's amazing how much comfort it wants... The poor soul is deceived and doesn't grow."

"Shouldn't we suffer just between ourselves and God some of the illnesses He gives us because of our sins? And even more so because by our complaining the sickness in not alleviated."

(Taken from Sermon in a Sentence: A Treasury of Quotations on the Spiritual Life, Volume 4, St. Teresa of Avila, Ignatius Press)

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