Friday, June 26, 2009

The Divine Image

Unfortunately, sin, vice and imperfections can disfigure the divine image in us and in our neighbor. This divine image remains, however, and it takes faith in order to know how to find it. We are all children of God even those who have moved away from God and live far from His grace. For those striving for contemplation it is important to exercise this faith and seek God in creatures. When a prayerful soul can do this then nothing can distract it from a spirit of recollection. Contemplative souls do not shy away from those whose outward appearance may be displeasing. They see and serve God alone in everyone they meet. A distracted soul sees and dwells on the sins and imperfections of others. Dwelling on the sins and faults of others leads the soul away from any union with God and disturbs its peace. A recollected soul keeps its eyes on God.

Everyone needs to love and be loved. Only with the grace of God can souls learn to see and recognize Him in every creature. A soul wanting in this grace asks for it and listening to Jesus, the master teacher, imitates Him.

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