Saturday, June 6, 2009


Looking only at God and referring all to him is the virtue of simplicity. A simple soul lives for God and has only one intention to please and serve him. All words and actions simply and clearly reflect the soul's thoughts and intentions. A simple soul is guided by God alone and relies on his power. In order to become a simple soul one has to set aside egotistic points of view and selfishness, reject the deceptions of the passions, and the false maxims of the world. Simplicity "places man in the presence of God; it is simplicity that empties and frees the soul from all fear today and on the day of judgement...It crushes evil nature underfoot, it gives peace, it imposes silence on the useless nosies within us...It is simplicity that hourly increases our divine likeness...will transport us into the depths where God dwells and will give us the repose of the abyss. "
~(Blessed Elizabeth of the Trinity Heaven in Faith)

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